My first interest was when our family watched slide shows together ... as a result, my Dad is my first inspiration in life (he also happens to be the greatest man & father ever).

My second photographic inspiration is Clifton Matthews (Uncle Cliff); he was ahead of his time. Uncle Cliff's spirit lives through my photography and I strive to reach his level someday ... RIP.

My third photographic inspiration is Milt 'Judge' Hinton. Judge was first class as a man, a musician, & a photographer; he told me to "get a good camera and document your life because no one will believe where you've been or who you met ... you will have proof!" Judge still makes me strive to be a better man ... RIP.

My fourth photographic inspiration is Jim Krantz. Jim is a world class photographer in Chicago; we met through a mutual friend (BC). Jim's advice is invaluable. Visit www.jimkrantz.com or www.krantzworld.com.

My fifth photographic inspiration is 'Sistah' Debra Mitchell; her incredible spirit overwhelmed me when we met. I am absolutely certain this lady was one of God's angels right here on earth ... RIP.